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Not that kind of builder.

Not that kind of builder.

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As a building company that takes pride in our refreshingly forward-thinking approach, with a determination to make a mark by breaking the mould, we know our true strength lies in our visionary people.

Meet the STAARKADIANS who are out of this world good at what they do.

As a building company that takes pride in our refreshingly forward-thinking approach, with a determination to make a mark by breaking the mould, we know our true strength lies in our visionary people.

Meet the STAARKADIANS who are out of this world good at what they do.

As a building company that takes pride in our refreshingly forward-thinking approach, with a determination to make a mark by breaking the mould, we know our true strength lies in our visionary people.

Meet the Staarkadians who are out of this world good at what they do.

Oscar Kus

Oscar Kus, Managing Director

Oscar is a big-picture guy with an eye for strategy and a passion for putting people first, from STAARKadians to STAARK’s clients and the company’s invaluable network of trusted subcontractors. “I love engaging with people from all walks of life and being part of a team that’s empowered in achieving exciting outcomes together,” he says.

“We’re an ever-growing company with an ever-growing list of opportunities, and we’re not afraid to do things a little bit differently and really make a mark on the industry.”

When he’s not driving the future of STAARK, Oscar loves tinkering in the garden with his kids, hiking and camping. “I love showing them how special the natural environment is and how a little bit of work can pay off in spades,” he says. “That’s a big part of what we do at STAARK, making sure you enjoy your job, with that leading into a better life outside of working hours.”

Dominik Kubic

Dominik Kubic, Managing Director

Dominik looks after STAARK’s operations and business development. For him, the best part of the job is the insights gained from working side-by-side with STAARK’s clients. “Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and you get to live in their world for a little while, learning from their triumphs and tribulations,” he says.

Juggling client expectations, staff workload and subcontractor availability is a significant part of the job that Dominik enjoys wrestling with, keeping the pipeline flowing and building the best team to rise to the challenge. “We onboard our team with a strong focus on our values, creating an environment where everyone goes into battle together and also enjoys the spoils. Everyone’s aligned with a shared sense of humour and work ethic.”

When he’s not leading STAARK alongside Oscar, Dominik loves hitting the gym, reading self-improvement books and spending quality time with his young family.

Nigel De Silva
Project Lead

Nigel De Silva, Project Lead

Nigel has known Oscar since primary school and met Staark co-founder Dom in high school. He thrives on the collaborative process, working alongside his colleagues, clients and trade partners to bring each project home. “You’re never just a number here,” he says. “Everyone values your input.”

He values the constant learning curve and the company’s focus on teamwork. “We really support one another. It’s like another family.”

When he’s at home, Nigel loves to hang out with his young family, tune into the F1, and tackle some handyman skills around the house.

Chloe Simpson
Marketing and Communications Manager

Chloe Simpson

With a background in advertising across a range of industries including property and construction, Chloe brings a breadth of experience to STAARK. Originally from New Zealand, she recently settled in Melbourne after six years in London. Her career journey reflects her passion for creativity and communication.

Chloe is excited to showcase STAARK’s innovative contributions to the construction industry. “STAARK is a real game changer, and I’m stoked to be part of a team that’s pushing boundaries and making a difference,” she says.

Outside of work, Chloe finds joy in music, food and hanging out with friends. Weekends often find her seeking out new camping spots or sharing her passion for wellness as a part-time yoga teacher.

Tash Homann
Office Administrator /
People and Culture Lead

Tash Homann, Studio Manager

With a background in advertising, retail and interior design, Tash helps guide STAARK’s workplace culture, studio management and communications and is a dab hand at diary management. “I’ve always loved the creative side of things and working with people, focusing on those little touches that make it personal,” she says. “There’s a lot of flexibility and trust here. We do the right thing and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

Tash loves that STAARK invests in its people and that the team pays it forward, contributing to charity. “Mental health is a big issue in the construction industry, and we want to lead on that, ensuring everyone we work with is doing okay.”

When she’s off the clock Tash is a culture lover, trips to the NGV are a treat, as well as hanging out with family. “I love catching up with friends and family for long lunches and belly laughs.”

Mohsen Hassani
Project Lead

Mohsen Hassani, Project Lead

Graduate with Bachelor of Construction Management, Mohsen is very passionate about his work, he brings a dynamic energy and attention to detail to every project he oversees and undertakes. He shares “navigating the many diverse challenges and individuals you come across in this industry is a challenge I embrace”.

The inclusive culture at STAARK resonates deeply with Mohsen. “Oscar and Dom along with the entire team at STAARK are very friendly and foster a supportive environment. It is very welcoming workplace to be a part of”.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mohsen is a keen and passionate fan of the beautiful game of soccer while both watching and playing. He is a lifelong fan of Barcelona, inspired by Ronaldinho and their beautiful style of play. “From my upbringing, I have always valued resilience and perseverance, which I bring both to my professional carrier and football”.

Robson Charlton
Senior Estimator

Robson Charlton, Senior Estimator

As the business grew exponentially, Robson took on the mantle of STAARK’s chief estimator from Dominik. “For any building company to succeed, you have to be able to pull together a budget that the client understands and that works for everyone,” he says. “You’ve got to win the jobs to keep everybody working. It’s a delicate balance.”

STAARK’s pride rests on ensuring all parts of the chain receive the respect and financial recompense they deserve, including subcontractor partners. “It’s a great place to work,” Robson adds. “It’s also a young company with plenty of room to grow, and that’s exciting and keeps us competitive.”

A family man, Robson loves spending time with his kids and his dogs. “I love keeping fit and working on stuff around the house.”

Stephen Mellios
Senior Project Manager

Stephen Mellios, Senior Project Manager

A gifted communicator who studied construction management and has a commercial background, Stephen sees his role at STAARK as ensuring each project lead has all the support they need to deliver projects successfully. “With construction, it’s all about communicating and relationship-building,” he says.

A big fan of tangible outcomes and watching each project come to fruition, Stephen has brought his flair for systems and processes to bear in the business. “I love training people and I like learning too, so it goes both ways,” he adds. “STAARK presented an opportunity to get into a business that’s growing. I like that Oscar and Dom allow us to ask, ‘How can we do this better?’”

With Greek heritage and his wife hailing from an Italian background, Stephen says they’re food and family-centric. “Our dogs are our children and I love health and fitness, which also looks after your mental health.” He’s also into gaming, even if his wife is not. “I’m a bit of a nerd.”

Bob Kubic
Site Manager

Bob Kubic, Site Manager

As the father of STAARK co-founder Dominik and with decades of experience in the building business, does Poland-born site manager Bob Kubic find it tricky taking orders from his son? “No, to be honest, I’m just really proud of him and of what he has built with Oscar at STAARK,” he says. “We learn from each other.”

Constantly discovering new approaches on the job in an industry where every day brings something new is part of the pleasure for Bob. “You’re learning all the time, and that keeps me going.”

When he does allow himself to relax, Bob loves rebuilding cars, reading and pottering in the garden. “All the kids are gone and I’m learning how to live my life again with my wife.”

Jodi Adams
Accounts Manager

Jodi Adams, Account Manager

Hobart-born account manager Jodi Adams arguably has one of the most important jobs at STAARK. “I make sure everything and everyone gets paid on time, which keeps things rolling forward,” she says. “I love reconciling numbers and making sure they all match, and my favourite part of the job is finding the best way to do something, then getting it done as quickly as possible.”

After studying accounting, Jodi has been in the building game for years now and is fully across the specific needs of the industry. She also loves the drive of the STAARK team. “You’re all working for the same goal, achieving something great together, and there’s a family vibe.”

When she’s not wrestling spreadsheets into order, Jodi loves to head outside. “I love hiking and a breath of fresh air away from the desk.”

Joe Girvan
Site Supervisor

Joe Girvan, Site Supervisor

Growing up just outside of Birmingham, England, Joe has a background in carpentry and a diploma in building and construction. He joined STAARK in a sub-contractor role before becoming a full-time site manager, the culmination of a significant life goal.

“A few years before coming to STAARK, I had an accident and fell off some scaffolding, injuring my knees,” Joe says. “So I’m really passionate about health and safety, making sure that everyone on our sites is looked after and the proper processes are followed.”

Joe values the camaraderie of the STAARK team and the variety of the job. “I love stepping onto a construction site and working with people from so many different backgrounds,” he says. “Seeing the concrete slab being poured and then watching it transform into a completed project is so rewarding.”

A keen traveller, Joe likes to play guitar and sing while relaxing at home. “When I was younger, I supported Ed Sheeran, which was a really big thing for me.”

Cindy Gow
People and Culture

Cindy Gow, People and Culture

Introducing Cindy, our HR powerhouse! With a Bachelor’s in Laws and Commerce from Deakin University, she’s conquered the HR world. From HR Administrator to HR & Payroll Advisor, Cindy knows the ins and outs of making workplaces thrive. With a background in global manufacturing and experience in hospitality and retail, she’s a compliance wizard. Cindy’s mission? Making HR processes effortless and boosting SME cultures with her bag of tricks.

Michael Castle
Site Supervisor

Michael Castle, Site Manager

The excellent communication between clients, subcontractors and the STAARK team is a major drawcard for site manager Michael Castle. “Safety’s number one, ensuring all the trades are looked after and that we’re doing the best job,” he says. “It’s about being the leading hand on-site for my project lead, keeping everything running on schedule.”

Seeing a job through from start to finish is rewarding. “When you’re building it, you get to see it from the ground up, day by day, bit by bit, and that’s a pretty good feeling,” Nick says. “The biggest challenge is shuffling trades if something goes awry, but you get it under control. Then it’s just about maintaining a beautiful, cohesive workplace.”

Formerly a professional gamer, a semi-professional ten-pin bowler and a keen cricketer, Michael likes to keep himself busy in his home gym these days. “I need an outlet to get rid of my energy.”

Laurence Mifsud

Laurence Mifsud, Carpenter

A man with an eye for detail who is one of the handiest guys on any STAARK-run site, carpenter Laurence Mifsud loves to channel his woodworking skills into every new gig. “It’s the variety of the job that appeals to me most,” he says.

STAARK’s motto of doing things differently drew Laurence in from his apprenticeship. “Oscar and Dom run a great ship. They’re driven but easy-going guys to work with and are very fair.”

When not on-site, Laurence loves to hop on his bike. “Cycling is my escape.”

Tora Falted
Project Lead

Tora Falted, Project Lead

Tora is Swedish and has an architectural background. “I wanted a new direction, and as an architect, we’re used to managing a lot of people through the construction phase, so project management felt like a good crossover,” she says. “I’ve learned a lot of valuable skills.”

The collaborative spirit at STAARK is a plus, she says. “It feels exciting to be part of something where they really focus on the team.”

An animal lover, Tora spends as much of her free time outdoors as she can. “I have a dog who’s my partner in crime, basically, and we spend a lot of time in the country,” she says. “I’m learning about farming and love line dancing to country music, too.”

Sarah Murray
Compliance and Safety

Sarah Murray, Compliance and Safety

Sarah is a Compliance Consultant from Compliance Lab and assists us with our ISO Quality, Safety and Environment compliance. She ensures we are meeting these standards via regular audits of our processes, documentation updates, compliance requirements and system improvements.

She values Management Systems and their role in facilitating continuous improvement as well as the ability to scale.

Sarah really loves working alongside the team at STAARK as the strength of their team culture and values is evident in everything that they do.

In her non-compliance related spare time she loves family caravan trips, music gigs and playing low grade netball with the aim of not getting injured…

Karene Morales
Contracts Administrator

Karene Morales, Contracts Administrator

A qualified Quantity Surveyor, Karene hails from the Philippines originally and is all about crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. “I prepare the subcontracts, purchase orders, tender analyses, vetting schedules and I also help with the estimating team,” she says. “What I love most about my job is gaining knowledge about the Australian construction industry.”

She’s been impressed by the culture at STAARK. “It’s not at all toxic, like a lot of other building companies or workplaces in general.”

Travel is Karene’s biggest passion and she’s keen to see as much of the world as possible. “I also love going to the beach during my free time.”

Natasha Granger
Accounts Payable

Natasha Granger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable

With a tonne of experience working across the manufacturing and construction industries, admin whizz Natasha prides herself on her hands-on approach. “Whether it’s the straightforward day-to-day tasks or the completely unexpected curveballs, no challenge is too big,” she says. “Every day brings new and exciting challenges in the admin world.”

Based in the beautiful beachside city of Gqeberha in South Africa – a testament to STAARK’s boundless vision that reaches beyond boundaries – Natasha takes the international aspect of the gig in her stride. “Working in a different time zone has its challenges, but good communication overcomes minor obstacles along the way.”

She values the family aspect of STAARK, encouraging personal growth, and the flexibility of working remotely. “Oscar and Dominik are thoughtful and caring directors who always look out for you, not only as an employee but as a person.”

Natasha loves to get lost in a good book or grab her paint brushes and transform stones as part of the global Kindness Rocks project. “Reading allows me to be transported on adventures, and the creative process of painting rocks lets me share a little joy with others.”

Nick Cross
Site Manager

Nick Cross, Site Manager

Any job presents multiple challenges, but site manager Nick Cross says the Staark team always pave the way forward. “It’s always a team effort,” he says. “You can bounce ideas off each other and work through them together instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself.”

Working alongside best mate and fellow site manager Michael Castle only adds to the appeal. So much so that Nick returned to the Staark team after a short spell away. “That says something about the company.”

When not on the job, Nick enjoys going on trips with the kids and indulging in a spot of fishing. “Whenever I get time to myself, I’m into building race cars, playing with old 1970s Datsuns.”

George Paschalidis
Site Manager

George Paschalidis, Site Manager

George moved across from project lead to site manager with Staark and relishes the diversity of the role. “It keeps it fresh, figuring out how best to work with every client and how they envisage each project is a worthwhile challenge,” he says.

He’s energised by Oscar and Dom’s leadership. “They’re very driven and young at heart and I know they’re going places, because they have a different outlook and think outside the square. I love working with a great team of people here.”

Mentoring younger people in the construction industry is a personal passion. He also likes watching soccer when off the clock. “When the World Cup comes around, I’m up late every night watching.”