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What sets us apart

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Our Key Areas

Working in a live environment

Live Environments

At Staark, we know how important it is for your business to continue operations, even when creating something special. With a proven track record in delivering successful projects with minimal disruption through thorough programming, strong communication, staging and after hours works, Staark can promise that you and your clients will benefit from our approach.

Value Management

Group Value

Through the employment of qualified tradesmen providing carpentry, plastering and painting services, Staark is able to offer better-than-market cost solutions. Along with our strong commitment to Value Management, the use of our in-house trades, ensures our projects are not only delivered to the required quality first time, but there are no costly overruns.

Partners in delivery


Whether it be a personal connection, professional rapport or simply the appreciation for strong relationships, we understand the value of partnerships. We take a collaborative and harmonious approach to the build process and understand that the best way to resolve design and technical issues is to work together to find a solution. We know how important it is for all stakeholders to work together to achieve the desired outcome. Every project is a team effort, we get it.

Change Management

Having been a part of the Change Management process for large organisations such as CBA, Telstra and ANZ, the Directors at Staark understand how strong the effect can be on the human psyche and what it takes for a successful transition to transpire. Working with your team, we will guide you through each step with stakeholder engagement, communication and planning to ensure that the change is seamless.


At Staark, we want our clients to have the certainty that their projects will be delivered on time, budget and with zero harm. Providing this peace of mind is essential to our core beliefs as we strive for the same outcomes. Using proven Tier 1 systems in quality and safety management, our service and processes are delivered by motivated and talented project teams.

Working with clients of all sizes

Big & Small

We’re equipped to work with any client – and can continue to create results that our clients are incredibly proud of. We’ve worked with the big guys like ANZ, CBA and The Department of Education & Training; we’ve worked with major not-for-profit organisations like the Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) and we’ve also worked with countless start-ups who are ready to set the world on fire and choose us to start that journey.

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It starts with a vision, and ends with so much more.